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<i>NO FEAR</i> Spade Decal
NO FEAR Spade Decal
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* 2008 Trade Show / Swap Meet
* Performance Bodies comes to AAI
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<i>BELL</i> K.1 Sport
BELL K.1 Sport
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QuickCar 2 Gauge Economy Panel
QuickCar 2 Gauge Economy Panel
All Products
Product Name Model Price  
Foam PaddingFoamPad$80.00
Gel PaddingGelPad$105.00
BELL BR.1BR.1-2010$439.00
BELL GP.2GP.2-2010$599.00
BELL GTX.2GTX2-2010$599.00
BELL HP3 Carbon FiberHP3$3,499.00
BELL K.1 SportK.1Sport-2010$399.00
BELL M.4M.4-2010$379.00
BELL Sport$279.00
BELL Star GPStarBG2010$799.00
BELL Star InfusionStarInfus2010$799.00
BELL Vortex GTVortexGT-2010$579.00
NO FEAR Flag/Stripes Decal$3.50
NO FEAR FT Terrorism Decal$3.00
NO FEAR Sideglance Decal$3.00
NO FEAR Spade Decal$3.19
$ 25 Gift CertificateGIFT_25$25.00
$ 50 Gift CertificateGIFT_50$50.00
$100 Gift CertificateGIFT_100$100.00
$100 Gift Certificate with FREE Gift100Gift$100.00
10 Lb. Bottle Heater14164NOS$153.47
14" Convex Mirror Kit w/brackets66-752$58.00
3 AN & 4 AN
Pre-made SS Braided Teflon Lines
3 Speed Shifter - 2 Lever$49.99
60 Degree Balance Pedal Assemblies$189.00
9" Floater Rear End Winters$749.99
AAI Speed Equipment T-SHIRTaaiT$12.95
Adjustable Lowering Block$29.99
Adjustable Rear Leaf Spring Shackle$44.95
Air Rivet Gun$43.00
Alcohol Fuel Lube - Red Line$10.95
Alum. Pulley Set - Long Pump91015461$79.00
Alum. Pulley Set - Short Pump91015460$69.00
Aluminim Steering Wheel
15" or 17"
Aluminum AN Wrench Set$54.95
Aluminum Floor JackFlmJk$499.95
Aluminum Power Steering Pump w/Pulley$169.95
Aluminum Radiators$189.99
Aluminum Shift Knob$19.99
Aluminum Valve Covers - Brodix$178.00
AN Wrench Set - Offset$54.95
Angle Shims$22.50
Arming Toggle Switch$8.51
Assembly Lube - Red Line$7.95
Automatic Transmission Fluid - Red Line$12.95
Axle Puller$24.99
Battery Cable Kit - 18'$37.95
Blue, Gold, Silver Chrome Replacement Shield - Bell$65.00
Bottle Adaptor (326) -4AN16100NOS$15.71
Bottle Gauge/Purge Kit Adaptor -4AN16103NOS$18.18
Bottle Nut & Washer -4AN16220NOS$9.01
Bottle Nut & Washer -6AN16230NOS$9.68
Bottle Nut Washer16210NOS$4.92
Bottle Nut Wrench16130NOS$12.28
Bottle Purge Valve Assy -4AN16030NOS$120.31
Bottle Purge Valve Assy -6AN16032NOS$120.31
Bottle Racer Safety Blow-Off Adapter16166NOS$22.57
Bottle Safety Disc16152nos$5.79
Bottle Valve Blow Down Tube16160NOS$22.25
Brake Adapter -
Female to Male AN
Brake Adapter -
Male AN to Male Inverted Flare
Brake Bias Gauges$74.00
Brake Fluid
570 Wilwood
Brake Fluid
AP Racing 600
Brake Fluid
Wilwood 600 Plus
Breather Clamp On ShieldedBE70139$11.99
Cheater Fuel Solenoid16050NOS$78.58
Cheater Solenoid16000NOS$120.31
Check Valve
(flow control valve)
Clear, Light or Dark Smoke, Amber Replacement Shield - Bell$45.00
Collapsible Steering Column - Sweet$249.95
Colored Plastic Roll$19.95
Combination Master Cylinder Kits$66.99
Deluxe Flat Bottom Cutting BladesDeluxe/Flat$12.95
Deluxe Tire Groover$339.95
Dirt Wings for Aluminum Floor Jack$34.95
Distribution Block16740NOS$41.03
Dual/Single Ignition Module$1,329.00
Economy Tire Siper$29.95
Engine Oil Break-In AdditiveRLBrkInAd$12.95
Exhaust Insulating Wrap - Black$49.50
Exhaust Insulating Wrap - White$44.25
Falcon Transmission$1,249.00
Fan Spray Nozzle - Blue13500NOS$10.94
Female-Male Adapter -4AN16781NOS$6.15
Female-Male Adapter -6AN16783NOS$8.77
FIREWEAR Head Sock (Balaclava)$29.00
Flare to Pipe Fitting 4AN - 1/16"NPT17945NOS$4.56
Flat Nozzle Mounting Kit17283NOS$5.47
Flexplate - SBCRM-901$99.00
Flexplate Spacers
5 pc GM
Flip Switch Guard50-501$12.95
Floor Jack - Billet Aluminum$135.90
Floor Mount Dual Master Cylinder Brake Pedal - with Balan340-1285$112.99
Floor Mount Single Master Cylinder Pedal- Brake or Clutch340-1289$59.50
Fogger Nozzle - Axial Flow13700RNOS$50.06
Fogger Nozzle - Standrard13700NOS$32.54
Fogger2 Nozzle - New Style13700BNOS$39.43
Forward Swing Mount Dual Master Cyl Brake Pedal w/Balance$112.99
Forward Swing Mount Single Master Cylinder Pedal - Brakewil340-1290$62.99
Forward Swing Mount Triple Master Cylinder - Aluminumwil340-3950$197.99
Fuel Anti-Freeze / Water Eliminator - Red Line$7.95
Fuel Filter - with Paper Element$39.00
Fuel Filter - with Stainless Steel Element$59.00
Fuel Pressure Safety Switch15750NOS$31.60
Gear Oil - Red Line$14.95
GM Power Steering Box$169.90
GN Axle Nut Wrench$22.95
HANS - Pro Series w/QC Anchors20EQD$1,045.00
HANS - Sport Series w/QC Anchors & Sliding Tether20E$645.00
HANS Device Cotton CoverStdCover$25.00
Head Support Ultra-Shield$32.95
Heavy Duty Cutting Blades$21.95
Heavy Duty Starter Solenoid50-430$19.95
Helmet & HANS Device Carrying BagHlmtDeviceBag$93.00
HELMET BAGHelmet bag - bell$35.00
Hi Heat Wrap Coating - Spray$8.95
Hi-Flo N2O Filter - 6AN15552NOS$53.51
High Volume Aluminum Master Cylinders$49.99
Hood Pin Set Flip Over$8.95
Hot Grooving Iron Kit$69.95
Ignition Control Panel 1-150-102$31.95
Ignition Control Panel 2-1 ICP0150-010-011$46.95
Ignition Control Panel 3-150-012-013$54.95
Ignition Wires Taylor 8MM HEI Pro Wire$52.95
INNERWEAR - Underwear$35.00
Intake Manifold - HV1000 BRODIX$339.00
Intermediate Race Seat
Ultra Shield
Intermediate Seat Replacement Cover Ultra Shield$87.00
King Pin Kits$23.95
Lead Substitute - Red Line$7.95
Leg Support - Ultra Shield$39.00
Lightweight Jack Plate$11.95
Lightweight Steel Bellhousing - GMRM-6010$419.99
Lightweight Steering Wheel
Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges 1-5/8"$29.95
Low Pressure Fuel Pump15760NOS$86.05
Lower Spring Perch$10.25
Male recessed Outlet - 110V57-710$23.95
Master Disconnect Switch
Standard (Battery Only)
Maximum 2 Gauge Panel Silver61-320$164.95
Maximum 3 Gauge Panel Silver61-321$244.95
Maximum 3 Gauge Panel Silver - FP61-322$224.95
Maximum 4 Gauge Panel Silver61-323$314.95
Microswitch & Bracket15640NOS$12.25
Midget Gears - 1"$64.95
Midget Spindle - MPD$199.95
Momentary Pushbutton Switch$9.01
Momentary Toggle Switch50-512$15.79
Monolec Engine Oil
by LE - Lubrication Engineers
Mud Plugs - Foam$12.99
Nitrous Bottle O-Ring16200NOS$4.92
Nitrous Filter High Pressure$13.60
Nitrous Oxide Pressure Gauge$29.95
NOS Windshield Decal19120NOS$15.59
Oval Track Ignition KitPR$399.95
Overflow Bottle - 1 qt$19.95
Pinch Valve Kit - Dual Action16057NOS$232.55
Pinion Mount 9" Ford Panhard BarSW570-580$22.98
Power Steering Fluid - Red Line$10.50
Power Steering Pump Bracket - Stock$24.95
Power Steering Pump Brackets$29.95
Power Steering Pump w/PulleySteel$144.95
Power Steering Reservoir Tank$29.95
Powershot Solenoid16020NOS$92.08
Pro Drag Seat Ultra Shield$299.00
Pro Seat (Circle Track) Ultra Shield$299.00
Pro Total Support Seat Ultra-Shield$359.00
Pro WB ShockProWB$53.95
Professional Helmet AnchorsProAnchor$69.00
Proportioning Valve - Knob Style$41.99
Proportioning Valve - Lever Style$83.99
Push Button Starter Switch$8.95
QD Tether Loops OnlyQDLoopsOnly$45.00
Quick Change Lug Wrench$39.95
Quick Disconnect Tether SetQDTether$105.00
Quick Release Hub -
Push Button Style
Quick Release Hub -
Rim Style - Aluminum
Quick Release Hub -
Rim Style - Steel
Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub$29.99
QuickAngle Digital Angle Finder56-164$97.95
QuickCar 2 Gauge Economy Panel61-5001$99.95
QuickCar 2-1 Gauge Panel61-6031$259.95
QuickCar 3 Gauge Economy Panel - OT61-501$171.95
QuickCar 3 Gauge Panel - FP61-6012$171.95
QuickCar 4 Gauge Economy Panel61-502$217.95
QuickCar Aluminum Pit Jack64-086$795.00
QuickCar Master Disconnect
Alternator type
QuickFire Ignition System50-212$549.95
QuickScales -
with Billet Pads
QuickScales -
with Cast Pads
Racer's Tape (Duct Tape)$6.90
Radiator Cap - High Pressure$6.50
Red Line Motor OilRLOil$10.75
Remote Brake Bias Adjuster Cable -
Dial Style
Remote Breather / Oil Tank85470$79.95
Remote Pushbutton Switch - Waterproof15651NOS$55.12
Replacement Fuel Filter Element$12.00
Replacement Grooving Blades$5.95
Reservoir Tank Bracket$11.50
Residual Pressure Valve$17.99
Reverse Swing Mount Triple Master Cylinder Pedal - Alumin$199.95
Reverse Swing Mount Dual Master Cylinder Brake Pedal w/Balance B$149.99
Rim Repair Wrench$25.95
Ringer's Authentic Pit GlovesAuth$19.95
Rivets - Large or Small Head$12.95
Roll Bar Padding$3.95
RPM Switch15879NOS$222.71
Rubber Jet Holder13850NOS$7.50
Safety Wire$12.95
Safety Wire Tool - 6"$19.95
Safety Wire Tool - 9"$24.95
Seat Belts / Harness Set - 5 pointAdult Harness system$74.00
Self Bleed Line$63.82
SI-2 Fuel System Cleaner$8.95
Slave Cyliinder - Billet Aluminum
7/8" Pull Type Long Stroke
Solid Steering Wheel - 15"$79.95
Spark Plug Boot Protectors$49.95
Spindle Savers - GM MetricPR$22.50
Sport-Comp 3 Gauge Panel$259.95
Sport-Comp 3-1 Gauge Panel61-040$509.95
Stagger Stick$49.95
Stagger Tape$4.95
Standard Helmet AnchorsStd Anchor$59.00
Standard Tether SetStdTether$45.00
Steering Quickener - Small$129.95
Steering Shaft Bracket$14.95
Steering Wheel Center Pad$14.95
Super Hi-Flo™ Nitrous Bottle Valve16139NOS$109.27
Super Powershot Fuel Solenoid16080NOS$71.22
Super Pro Shot Solenoid16045NOS$139.96
Super TechnoPlate 2stroke - Klotz$7.95
Synthetic Grease - CV2CV-2$10.95
Tearoff Posts - Aluminum$6.99
Tearoff Posts - Plastic$3.99
TEL TAC II - Digital Telltale Tachometer$299.00
Throttle Return Spring Kit - Holley$12.95
Tire Gauge - Economy56-007/8$19.95
Tire Gauge - Liquid Filled56-021/41/61$36.95
Toe-Plates - Aluminum$59.95
Toe-Plates - Billet Aluminum$129.95
Toggle Switch On/Off STD HDLBE52000$5.99
Tru - Air Helmet Pumper$99.99
Tru-Air Mini Pumper$69.99
Two-Cycle Kart Oil - Red Line$8.50
Two-Stroke All Sport Oil$8.50
Two-Stroke Racing Oil - Red Line$8.50
Ultra Shield - Single Layer Gloves$38.00
Ultra Shield Driving Shoes$59.00
Ultra-Lite 2-1 Panel61-039$479.95
Ultra-Lite Grand National61-057$639.95
Ultra-Shield Single Layer Driving Suit$119.00
Utility Jug Replacement Cap$12.99
Utility Jug Spout$5.95
Valve Covers - Tall with Breather Tubes$29.95
Valve Covers - Tall with Cross Over Breather Tube$89.95
VS Halo Containment SeatVSHaloSeat$529.99
VS Halo Long Bottom SeatVSHaloLongBTM$659.00
Water and Fuel Line Kits for Intake Manifolds$150.00
Water Wetter$9.95
Water Wetter - Diesel$12.95
Wheel Spacers$11.00
Window Net Mount
Latch Style
Wiring Harness$21.95
Y Block Fitting -10AN17846NOS$47.99
Y Block Fitting -8AN17842NOS$51.99
Y Block Fitting, -6AN17835NOS$35.89
Y Block Fitting, 8-6AN17840NOS$39.95
Zip Ties$8.95
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